Commoner Blueberry Buttermilk Mini Muffins Part II

Hindsight 20/20, I would have remembered my grandma’s muffin wisdom from when I was a girl in her kitchen: don’t overmix the batter.

I failed to remember this golden rule of muffinry at 3 a.m. Royal Wedding morning. Martha’s recipe failed to mention this trick. I’ll assume she assumed everybody already knew to keep mixing to an absolute minimum.

We all know what happens when people assume: people like me overmix muffin batter.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember not to overbeat until after I read it enough times online, long after I had alrady mixed the batter that was now coalescing in the refridgerator.

I also found online a way to transpose recipes to accomodate the mini factor. I thought mini muffins would be a great idea because a.) people at the shower could try several different varieties, b.) more bang for my buck, and c.) I wanted an excuse to buy a mini muffin tray.

Let’s face it: regular muffins are quite large. For this reason, most muffin recipes only yield a dozen muffins. Mini muffins stretch the batter and allow people to try a variety. What a concept!

I want mini muffins to be more of an afterthought – a compliment to the egg bakes.

One last afterthought to my afterthought (the second afterthought being the muffins themselves) was adding a sparkly sugar coating to my muffin tops.

Before heading home to put my muffins in the oven I stopped by the grocery store to look for the sea salt of sugar: thick granules. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I settled for raw cane sugar.

It was fairly expensive, amber in color, and didn’t give my muffins the crusty coat of sugar I was hoping to achieve.

My blueberry buttermilk mini muffins were a learning lesson, yes. A complete failure – absolutely not. They turned out just fine. What will I take away from this experience?

1.) Don’t overmix the wet and dry ingredients.
2.) For prettier muffins, stick several blueberries on top of the batter once they’ve been scooped into the muffin tin.
3.) Muffin batter is sticky: an ice cream scoop is far more effective at filling muffin tins than a spoon and fingers.

The muffins are packed away in the freezer until next weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they won’t be too dry when they thaw.