Puttin’ On The Spritz

There was Before Spritzers (BS) and After Spritzers (AS).

And it was 2006 BS I realized my affinity for wine.

It’s been a tumoltous relationship, wine and me. Best friends one night. Sworn enemies the next morning. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. And I’ve sworn it off completely on more than one occasion.

I love it, but wine is not the easiest to love.

Especially in the summer, when temperatures start to creep and dew points start to rise. Suddently that glass of room-temperature Merlot doesn’t sound so enticing. Even a chilled white wine can seem a little too heavy.

But that was all BS. I have now entered a new era. Take one sip and experience the effer’vescence of the club soda mixed with the fruitiness of the Moscato and you will understand, too.

And I am forever indebted to my coworker Bethany for giving me this idea. I think this really could be the Egg McMuffin of summer drinks.


Blackberry Moscato Spritzers:

Club soda
Wine (red, white, pink – it doesn’t matter!)