Chicken Basil Lemon Pasta: Take 1

This recipe really belongs on an outtake blog.

I thought I had cast all the right characters for this recipe. All the big names were there: chicken, basil, lemon, rosemary, spinach.

But star power doesn’t always produce blockbusters.  And if you’ve seen “Valentine’s Day” or “New Years Eve” you know exactly what I mean.

I made the rookie mistake of assuming fresh herbs would do the heavy lifting in this recipe, as if somehow by adding fresh herbs this dish would magically come together.

I’ve now decided herbs are much better suited for a supporting role. And there is certainly no shame in a supporting role – just ask Angelina Jolie or Jack Nicholson.

I think I’ll recast some of my characters for the sequal.

Take 2: Yum.




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  1. Marysol

    I just discovered your blog today! I love it, I have been learning so many awesome receipes and cooking tips from you! Please keep up the excellent work 🙂

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